Week 2 update: We have data!!


PREX is a large-scale experiment with hundreds of collaborators. As with any big group project, things often happen that are beyond anybody’s control. This is a diplomatic way of expressing the truth: since I’ve arrived, at least one thing has been broken at any given time. The beam was supposed to start running two weeks ago, […]

Week 1 Update: training and beam current plots

Last week was my first week of research for the summer! Although I am working with a William and Mary professor and other students, most of my work will be conducted at Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory (JLab) in Newport News. Although work at JLab is very safe and generally does not deal with matters of […]

Abstract: Studying and correcting for helicity-correlated false asymmetries in the CREx experiment at Jefferson Lab

My research this summer will be the beginning of my work for my honors thesis in physics with Dr. David Armstrong. Specifically, I will be working on data collection and analysis for the CREx and the closely related PREx experiment at Jefferson Lab in Newport News. The goal of CREx will be to determine the size […]