Bioprinter Update 2


After demonstrating that I could in fact print viable cells through my printer, I wanted to see at what point I was starting to kill my cells. Being forced through a very narrow chamber induces all types of mechanical stress on the cell, specifically shear stress. However, literature shows that using a glass microcapillary as […]

Bioprinter Update 1

Picture of my first print using cells!

After several minor hiccups in the construction stage, I am happy to say that my printer is fully operational! A few weeks ago the power supply shorted out, and I had to do some slight improvisation as I didn’t particularly want to buy a new supply unit. The only components of my printer that are […]

Blog Post 1 GRBcelL BioPrinter


Last week, I arrived back in Williamsburg to begin work on the GRB celL Bioprinter along with my brother Douglas. On the first day, we worked out a plan for the first five weeks and begun preliminary designs. The project can be broken into several steps: For the first week, training is a priority especially […]