Bioprinter Update 7

This was the last week of the summer, and it was spent wrapping up things in lab and getting ready for the school year. I finished a write up of the printer detailing how mine differs from the paper that I followed, what problems I encountered while constructing the printer, and how those problems were […]

Bioprinter Update 6

image (3)

I worked with a member of the iGEM team to successfully prepare the electrocompetent cells. During our last glycerol wash we were unable to recover the cells that adhered to the side of the falcon tube, and thus our final cell concentration of prepared cells was not as high as it should have been. The […]

Bioprinter update 5

Spot Test

After obtaining a high titer lysate for one of my M.smegmatis phages, I have spent a large portion of my time in lab trying to prepare electrocompetent cells. Once I have my cells ready for electroporation, the next step will be to insert my shuttle vector into them. Electrocompetent cells are also essential if I […]