A Matter of Taste?

There’s a line David Foster Wallace quotes from Tracy Austin’s insipid autobiography: “Tennis took me like a magic carpet to all kinds of places and all kinds of people.” He quotes it to note how the ghostwriter seems to have contributed very little to the writing quality. But, in reflecting on the Monroe project to […]

Abstract: Oscars, Razzies, and Tentpoles

2018 is slated for roughly 40 tentpole releases. The name “tentpole” comes from the fact that these films both support a studio and can also support the sale of related merchandise. For the past years, Disney’s run of success has proven the wisdom of betting on tentpoles. But, Marvel hasn’t cornered the market on tentpoles. […]

Post One: Identifying an Appropriate Biological Paradigm

To begin my Monroe research I have conducted research on various theoretical models that could be used to analyze religion. The two major theories that are often cited as possible candidates are Kin Selection (KS) and Mulitlevel Selection Theory (MLS). Quantitatively the two theories are formally equivalent. However, they suggest very different causalities, so I […]