Research Conclusions

Our research team has undergone a lot of changes over the course of the semester and into this summer. Although the content and our research themes have remained the same, we’ve both welcomed and said goodbye to research members. We started as a group of William & Mary students working with Mr. Osorio and Professor […]

Update 2 | Illegal Abortion in Argentina

The past two weeks I have been diving deeper into specific issues pertaining to illegal abortion in Argentina, specifically the intersections of religion and abortion and same-sex marriage and abortion. These topics were extremely interesting for me because they were what sparked my interest in the issue of illegal abortion in Argentina. As I stated […]

Update 1 | Illegal Abortion in Argentina

I am taking a strong critical feminist viewpoint of illegal abortion in Argentina, so, therefore, I chose to start my research with a survey of feminist literature on the topics of abortion and reproductive rights. I really wanted to create a foundation from the feminist theory on which I will be able to build my […]