Summary post and final research paper

My main questions this summer related to the larger scale Coastal SEES project study looking to address whether living shoreline habitats are approaching the functionality of their natural marsh counterparts. Specifically, I looked at shrimp populations for my seven-week project, and my findings coincide with initial findings from the SEES project that differences in species […]

Week #7: Field Frenzy

field site on Wednesday

This last week of research was very busy; with three full field days and only two days remaining to process samples before leaving Williamsburg, I had plenty to keep myself occupied! Monday and Tuesday we went to two site pairs in Norfolk (Laws + Dawson Circle on Monday and Martin + River Road on Tuesday), which were […]

Week #6: Still more shrimp

possible plastics

This week I worked on processing the most recent shrimp samples  from Tolar Nolley (NM) and John’s Point (LS). I decided that 1o guts per site was a reasonable goal to set for myself at this time, since I am expecting a large input this coming week. As this next week is my last week […]