Problems with Recordings

To create my experiment I first recorded my grandmother, a native Thai speaker, pronouncing different Thai minimal pairs. With each word I cut the recording to get the phonemes I was using in my experiment. For example, I cut the recording of the word ‘baa khlang’, meaning ‘insane’, to isolate the initial /b/ phoneme. I then redid this […]

Adding to my Experiment

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 10.37.22 PM

As I put the final touches on my experiment I began to worry people may struggle to adjust to the structure of the experiment.  I worried that automatically playing recordings of the minimal pairs may catch participants off guard, and make them want to rehear the recordings. Initially I thought about allowing participants to replay the recordings. This would ensure confidence in […]

Pre-Research Abstract Post

This research will compare the ability of monolingual English and bilingual English  – Spanish speakers to recognize the differences between non native sounds from the Thai language, to determine if being bilingual makes it easier to learn a new language. In the survey speakers will be repeatedly asked to listen to two recordings of two […]