Low Viscosity 3D Bioprinter Abstract

Medicine and technology have never been so closely entwined as they are today. Among the tools of biomedical engineering, one piece of novel technology stands out as an instrument to pioneer the future of design: The Bioprinter. A bioprinter is a machine set up similar to a 3D-printer, which moves about a gantry, or skeleton […]

Low-Viscosity Liquid Dispensation Thermally Resistant Bioprinter

As the field of biomedical engineering has grown, efforts to combined intuitive design and practical medicine have become intertwined. This can best be seen by the development of the bioprinter, a machine that prints cartilage-like bio-ink into the molds of ears, noses, and other body parts, which has continued to fascinate those in the medical […]

Abstract: No morality? No problem.

Objective moral truths do not exist. As far as I’m concerned this was proved by J.L Mackie in the 1970s when he introduced error theory. However, in the last forty years, the evidence for moral skepticism has grown.¬†Evolutionary debunking arguments aims to criticize belief in moral realism from a scientifically skeptical angle. Great work has […]