Summer Wrap-Up: The Newberry Library and Thesis Focusing

I finished up the summer portion of my honors research with a week-long trip to Chicago, with a day stop in Anderson’s hometown of Clyde, Ohio. I got rear-ended by an old lady outside of Hagerstown, Maryland, which put a little damper on the start of the trip, but I made it in one piece […]

Final Update: the Product and it’s Future

Well, this is it. This summer has been very fulfilling in terms of developing the basic framework for a Virtual CFO. I have created a basic outline for how to go about developing a secure, useful, and intuitive financial advisor. I will be presenting this outline at the Monroe Scholar Research Showcase along with the […]

Update 4: Cyber-security and Final Product

According to, “The assets managed by robo-investment services have risen significantly over the years to an estimated $50 billion. By some accounts, robo-advisors are expected to oversee $2 trillion in assets by 2020.” As we have concluded from earlier data collection in this research project, most users and clients appear to value trust and […]