Vietnamese Cuisine: Final Update

At long last, the cookbook is completed. *** This summer has been an amazing experience. I thought a research paper on the history of pho would be very simple and straightforward. In the process of writing it though, I ended up learning a lot more about Vietnamese history than I anticipated. Before I wasn’t aware of […]

Field Season Begins

Field season began this summer in mid June. While my specific task was to collect shrimp samples, I worked under the supervision of a bigger group. The large scale project of the summer was led by several VIMS faculty and Dr. Chambers who were awarded a grant to study living shorelines and natural marshes in […]

Final Update: Autonomous Ocean Exploration and Conclusions


In my last blog post, I’d like to discuss autonomous ocean-exploring craft and draw some conclusions from the various areas I studied this summer. When one thinks of artificial intelligence’s space applications, autonomous submarines are admittedly not the first things that come to mind. They may yet find use, however, in exploring ocean worlds. For […]