Update 2: Golpe de Estado, Dictadura, y Exilio

After the election of Salvadore Allende in 1970, the nueva canción movement grew and was fostered by the new socialist government. Allende’s platform of nationalizing Chile’s copper mines, advancing worker’s rights, furthering land reform, and reorganization of the national economy had united and mobilized the working class. Allende recognized the role of the wild popularity of […]

Comparing Sectors of Medicine via Physician Narratives

To conclude my Comparative Analysis of Civilian and Military Medicine, I compiled the physician narratives that I collected during my travels earlier this summer. My final product is formatted similar to an article that might appear in medical journal, as many physicians enjoy reading not just about groundbreaking research discoveries but also the thoughts and […]

Final // The Success of Virginia Reproductive Health Legislation: A pilot study

Being finished with this project (at least for now!) is nice both because I’m finished for now and because for the first time in a while I actually get to pause and breathe and realize how much I’ve done. Surprise, surprise, doing unstructured independent research is hard. I made it particularly tough for myself by […]