Update 7: Wrap Things Up: the Complexity of Experiences and Mentalities—American Protestant Missionaries in China, the origin of distrust. 1948-1950

My research process is often of surprises and unexpectedness, as I would never be sure what the next historical document would be talking about, or what directions all the materials would bring me to. The materials I am looking for is often scattered among thousands of pages. That’s why in my previous updates I was […]

Female World War II Pilots in Historical Fiction – Excerpt Seven

My early beta readers all asked me to write something happy, so I wrote parts of the ending to my novel, when Stella and Sasha are reunited after Sasha is shot down and presumed dead. I knew as soon as I conceived the idea for my story that I wanted it to have a happy […]

Female World War II Pilots in Historical Fiction – Excerpt Six

I’m very much interested in the psychology of culture and cultural interaction. I wanted to highlight Sasha’s complicated feelings about her homeland: how does her cultural immersion and interaction in Czechoslovakia influence her attitude toward herself and her native culture? What does “home” mean to her? The second excerpt comes from near the end of […]