Finish and Conclusions

While deeper statistical analyses of patient information and timesheets are still ongoing into the future, I can draw some general conclusions from the experiences I had and the data gathered. Patient visits are taking too long. This is a product of practitioner shortages, administrative shortages, and static patient scheduling. Apart from hiring more doctors and […]

River People: Summary of Final Product

It’s done. My final product is a paper, written in sociological style, summarizing my summer of research. I will not reiterate my previous posts, but the general outline was an introduction, followed by a summary of the ecology, geography, history, and environmental legacy of the James. From there I discussed my methods and the themes […]

More Results and Final Thoughts

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 2.38.37 AM

The last part of my project was to perform statistical tests with the Tmax and Salpa thompsoni abundance values. The goal was to look for significant spatial variation for either variable as well as relationships between the two throughout the 21-year time series. I cut my data set down for these tests in hopes that […]