Final Post

Last week I completed my final product and emailed it to my advisor. It ended up in the vicinity of seventy pages, this written child of mine, and I hated and loved and loathed it all at once. Working the same track of words for so long, one loses all perspective. By the time I […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

When I received the email inviting me to apply to become a Monroe Scholar, I was excited about all of the areas of inquiry into which I could delve. I chose climate change because it impacts – and is affected by – the other major challenges faced by society. I had not yet crystallized my […]

Wrapping Up

After finally wrapping up the analysis of the US and China teachers’ interviews, I now have a much better understanding of what I know and what I still don’t know. The interviews yielded some very interesting similarities and dissimilarities between the two countries’ teachers. I’ve tried to explain some of this in the context of […]