Wheels @ W&M – Summer Research Showcase Poster Session

Hello all! I wanted to let anyone who’s been keeping up with this research know that I’ll be attending the Summer Research Showcase this week.  Along with many other student researchers, I’ll be in Blow Memorial Hall room 201 on Thursday, October 3rd, from 3:30-5:00 pm, with a poster about my project.  Feel free to […]

Comparing Educational Practices – Finished!

Hello everyone! My project has been finished for a while but I am also done with my final paper now!  I’m so happy that I got to have this experience this summer.  Although it was a research project, I think the biggest benefit I got from my project was all of the experience I gained […]

Soap Operas & Reconciliation

“Musekeweya” means “New Dawn,” but in Rwanda it means a lot more than just those two simple words. Begun in 2003, Musekeweya stands as a symbol of new birth, of regrowth, of healing, of a way for a nation still reeling and still suspicious and still literally littered with the skeletons of the past to […]