Post 5 – Conclusions and Future Directions

So—there’s the semi-outcome of my research. I’m looking forward to presenting a more detailed analysis of my research later next month at the research symposium and learning more about the projects everyone else has put together as well! As of now I’m compiling everything into a research paper. It’s been an awesome (though very, very […]

Post 4 – My Current Data Set and Analysis

The most consistently (and frequently) collected data about the Egyptian economy I have been able to find have to do with stocks. For this reason, I decided to use data on these stocks—instead of sector-level or firm-level investment data—as the data set for my project. This data is much more detailed than any of the […]

Post 3 – Data Troubles

As I’ve mentioned, my data collection didn’t go to plan. I’ll try to give an overview in this post about the successes I had early on, as well as the failures I had trying to work with sparse, often poorly-organized or maintained data (that was also sometimes written in a foreign language). I’d originally planned […]