Monroe Blog 4: And so it ends

Final blog time!   Conducting research this summer has been a difficult and endlessly rewarding process. I have learned more than I can possibly articulate in a single blog post on an academic level. Personally, I found more rewarding the learning I did on the way that I learn, the way that I tackle problems, […]

Crossing the Finish Line

Coming into this summer I knew I had my work cut out for me, however now I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed putting in the hard work and effort into such a paper, especially about such an interesting topic.  I’ve given an abstract description of the topic of my paper, but I will include the […]

Final Update: The Finished Paper

I finished my final paper about a week ago, and am now waiting to hear back from my adviser on it. It ended up being 44, double-spaced pages long–a bit longer than I intended. Still, I could see myself writing even more on it. With a year to research I could easily write a 100-page […]