Antisemitism in Modern Spain


Hello everyone! My name is Allyson Zacharoff. I am a junior, majoring in English and European Studies. This past summer I completed a project on antisemitism in modern Spain, a difficult and under-researched issue that I found both fascinating and difficult to read about. Please read my project abstract below: The academic research of antisemitism […]

An evolving project

I believe most researchers in any given field, sciences, social sciences and humanities alike, acknowledge that well-executed research must be founded on a well-defined question. Without a clear goal in mind, research becomes miss-directed and vague. This is the problem I experienced from the inception of this adventure; I had a general sense of what […]

reflections upon Spain

La policía de España representan un uso de las armas de fuego en España. Todos tipos de la policía incluyendo la policía nacional y local y la guardia civil llevan una arma. Sin embargo, es un ley que no pueden usarla excepto en casos que peligran la vida de la policía o de personas tercias. […]