The last word

Findings While I wish to avoid oversimplifying my research conclusions, I would like to briefly discuss some overarching themes in my analysis. I found a consensus in Cuje that education is important for many reasons, most centrally as a means of developing the community. I also found that the everyday realities in Cuje, particularly the […]

Analysis and incendios

I write this blog post in the sticky heat of December in Iguazu, Argentina. Blogging is the last piece of my Monroe left, and it feels like both a pleasure and a shame to finish. This past August a housefire in my host family`s home in Argentina somewhat dramatically left  me without my computer and […]

Important Points on Modern Spain

Hello! As I finish putting together my poster for the week of Undergraduate Summer Research, I wanted to share some of the critical quotes that really help frame m project. Feel free to stop by Blow 201 tomorrow, September 27, from 3:30-5 p.m. to talk to me about the project more in depth! Referring to […]