Post 8: Quick Conclusion


A Quick Conclusion to this Monroe Summer Project. To give a brief wrap up to this project, I must start with that it is incomplete. The full examination that will be done over the course of the coming academic year will include the rest of the Länder and an examination of the educational system in […]

Post 7: Berlin-Brandenburg


In my final post for the summer, I started my examination of citizenship education in Berlin-Brandenburg, and, once again, I chose this Länder for no particular reason. Though I did attempt to collect and examine materials from all the categories which I described in the last post, I simply ran out of time to do […]

Post 6: Baden-Württemberg


From methodological standpoint, this most recent examination is perhaps the most thorough and complete of my investigations into the länder of Germany. Each länder examined provides greater insight into the categories of materials that need to be examined, and this had led to, what I would regard, the most complete examination thus far. Thus, I […]