Update 3: Analyzing the Results

In my readings, as of yet, I have the fact patterns of the cases that I am looking at to be very similar. Most of them start with a police raid in some business/home of a particular individual with a search warrant in search of a generic illegal item whether it be obscene material, drugs, […]

Update 2: The Dive into the Cases

Breaking down the cases and understanding whether or not they applied to the “search and seizure” doctrine of the Warren court was quite a challenge. First off, it would be prudent to note that not all cases being marked as pertaining to the Fourth Amendment actually apply to the “search and seizure” aspect of it […]

Update 1: Formatting Research and Gathering Sources

Format I have been giving the format of this project much thought. My last Monroe project was a visually vibrant poster that reflected the different chains of U.S. policy, so I was leaning towards that approach at the beginning. However, I ultimately decided I would create a paper detailing the different effects of each case […]