Women in STEM Summary

At this point, the paper has been written, edited by my advisor, and is expected to be its final form by this coming Monday. A few minor edits and points of reorganization will be incorporated into the discussion section. All told, this project was a fulfilling and enriching experience, and I am happy to share […]

Women in STEM: Post #3

Graph 1

I have finished compiling the data gathered from my 38 interviews, which amounts to the analysis of roughly 24 hours worth of recorded notes. Trends are emerging, and I can now begin to wrap up this project and finish my final paper. One issue I encountered in transcribing my interview recordings was that the nature […]

Women in STEM: Post #2


At this point, I have conducted 34 interviews, thereby reaching and surpassing my minimum sample size. I expect to finish the summer with roughly 40 interviews around which to focus my final paper. I have traveled from D.C. to Los Angeles, through San Francisco and Dallas, and on to Houston. Before I make it back […]