Summer Summary

This summer, I investigated the synthesis of pyrrolidiketopiperazine derivatives from a variety of starting materials. I ran into a number of obstacles at the beginning of the summer, which we hypothesize was due to the production of byproducts during the reaction that forced reaction equilibrium to the starting material, therein prohibiting progress towards the desired product. Once […]

Week 7

This week I started by purifying the product from the aldol condensation I completed last week. After running a column, I was able to separate one fraction of a single isomer of the desired product, and one fraction that was a mix of the two isomers of the desired product. Both of these fractions should […]

Week 6

*Note: This blog post is for the week of July 1. This week, I was working on my new reaction sequence. My hope is that with this reaction sequence, I will be able to synthesize a methylated pyrrolodiketopiperazine, the same product I’ve been working towards all summer, but from a different starting material. My first […]