Bioprinter update 5

Spot Test

After obtaining a high titer lysate for one of my M.smegmatis phages, I have spent a large portion of my time in lab trying to prepare electrocompetent cells. Once I have my cells ready for electroporation, the next step will be to insert my shuttle vector into them. Electrocompetent cells are also essential if I […]

Bioprinter Update 4

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My main goal currently is to create a high titer lysate of my smegmatis phage. While there is a relatively straightforward pipeline to purifying— plating and picking a plug several times, then flooding the plates—the process has been slightly hindered by the fact that my plates are displaying very abnormal morphology. When a single phage […]

Bioprinter Update 3

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I’ve taken a break from the printer for the past week to focus on the wetlab portion of the project. Now that my current goal is precise spatial control of phage infection on a biofilm, I need to make sure I have the bacteriophage to support this endeavor. A few weeks ago a high school […]