Sleep Wake Cycles Conclusion (Final Post)

This summer of research was valuable because focusing on my research, as opposed to doing it over the semester, gave me room to try and understand what I was coding as opposed to rushing through my research. I’m glad I got the opportunity to experiment with a new coding language, and to explore a new, […]

Sleep Wake Cycles Update 7

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 3.35.01 PM

One setback I had this week was getting sick, which slowed down my progress. However, I still managed to do some work on my code.  I worked on switching to the integrate and fire model. To do this, I took out the Euler’s steps that control the action potential (m and n). In other words, […]

Sleep Wake Cycles update 6

This last week I mostly played around with adding different kind of currents from the locus coeruleus. This process was incredibly slow, since each run took around 10 minutes. So, I spent a few days last week trying to profile my code, line and by line, to look for inefficiencies. Unfortunately, what was taking the […]