Well, I’m done. I finished revising each of my stories, and I submitted them to my adviser. This project ended up spanning a long period of time. Since I was planning to study abroad in Japan last semester, I actually started working on it in January. Then my program was canceled because of the radiation […]

Eighth and Final Story

I have completed the rough draft of my eighth and final story. This story is told from the point of view of Agatha Laurens. In this story, Agatha is still Stephen’s girlfriend, but in truth, she can hardly stand being in his company, though she doesn’t quite know why. Stephen has taken her on a […]

Seventh Story Rough Draft Completed

My seventh story is told from the point of view of Stephen Applegate, the ex-husband of Agatha Laurens, who was the best friend and secret crush of Molly Huang. In this story, Stephen briefly returns to Oasis, the city where he was born. There he meets Richmond Patch, who has been reduced to begging on […]