River People: Summary of Final Product

It’s done. My final product is a paper, written in sociological style, summarizing my summer of research. I will not reiterate my previous posts, but the general outline was an introduction, followed by a summary of the ecology, geography, history, and environmental legacy of the James. From there I discussed my methods and the themes […]

River People in Hindsight

Looking back on my summer of research on the river, there are several things I can notice that I did not at the time. This will not be a summary of my work (coming soon), but rather a reflection on its content. My first thought is that it seems ridiculous that I expected the variation […]

River People: Survey Themes

After analyzing my survey results I have picked up on three major themes, and come to one game changing conclusion. The first theme was the most obvious in re-reading my surveys, and also the most straightforward: almost all participants said that they valued the protection of the river highly, but that current efforts are lacking. […]