Final Summary of Research

My research this summer was a highly rewarding experience. I completed the project havingĀ learned lots about the intersection between disability studies and political theory – fieldsĀ that together, I’ve realized, have the potential to reconstruct social and political understanding of the value of the lives of people with disabilities. My findings, which demonstrated a strong medical […]

Update 3: Answering the ‘Why’ Question, Significance of My Findings

Much of my research thus far has focused primarily on determining whether the dominant political discourse on disability is framed through the medical model. My empirical evidence, including the focus and allocation of NIH research funds, and the framing of charity advocacy campaigns, indicates that political discourse does tend to reinforce this medicalized imaginary of […]

Update 2: Does the Government Perpetuate a Medical Model of Disability?

As I’ve continued conducting research these past few weeks, I’ve transitioned to investigating the ways disease foundations contribute to framing chronic and curable diseases through the medical model of disability. I’ve also looked more into how the government allocates funds for research by disease category and what those research projects are focused on. Together, this […]