Week 2 in Toronto

Our second week in Toronto, we continued our work with N2A cells and learned more about BioID and Gateway cloning. On Friday we transformed the LR reactions (which put the entry clones into destination vectors) for STYX and F1. We then did Minipreps with the resulting bacterial colonies, did a digest with the plasmids, and […]

Finally in Toronto!

After some airline issues (one cancelled flight, two delayed flights, and one unexpected night in a hotel in New Jersey), we finally arrived in Toronto on June 30th! Since July 1st is Canada Day, we had a few days to start exploring the city and settle in before starting in the Gingras lab. Toronto is […]

Cell Culture Success and Preparing for Toronto

In the last two weeks of June (yes, this is a retroactive post), I finally had some success with cell culture! One of the more recent tubes of PC12s that I thawed looked great after letting them be for a couple weeks. I was able to do two trials of an experiment with our new […]