Final updates: American missionaries and Chinese Communists. Summary and Possible Further Topics

Summary of the work This summer I have looked into American missionaries’ experiences with Chinese Communists from 1948 to 1950, a period of mutual tolerant observations. I tried to find explanations for missionaries’ vacillations between pessimism and optimism which nevertheless could hardly escape from the fundamental sense of distrust. I was trying to look beyond […]

Update 7: Wrap Things Up: the Complexity of Experiences and Mentalities—American Protestant Missionaries in China, the origin of distrust. 1948-1950

My research process is often of surprises and unexpectedness, as I would never be sure what the next historical document would be talking about, or what directions all the materials would bring me to. The materials I am looking for is often scattered among thousands of pages. That’s why in my previous updates I was […]

Update 6: China in US imagination of the World Revolution, 1948-1950

The first two sections are largely a summary of historical facts and scholar works, just to give a context for the U.S. foreign policy towards Communist China in its earliest years. The last section dealt with missionaries’ ideas and efforts to influence foreign policies, though most of the efforts were futile because the missionaries had […]