Finish and Conclusions

While deeper statistical analyses of patient information and timesheets are still ongoing into the future, I can draw some general conclusions from the experiences I had and the data gathered. Patient visits are taking too long. This is a product of practitioner shortages, administrative shortages, and static patient scheduling. Apart from hiring more doctors and […]

Timesheets as a Measure of Efficiency

We all know the annoyance of having an appointment with a doctor at 10, getting to the office at 9:50, sitting in the waiting room till 10:15, sitting in the patient room till 10:45, meeting a nurse till 11, and then finally seeing a doctor at 11:15 and not being able to leave until 12. […]

Month in Review

Before I could access patient files, I had to undergo HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training, which explains the laws surrounding patient confidentiality and privacy. I learned how to properly deal with online and paper records as well as the importance of avoiding talking about patients where others can hear. Prior to this […]