Excisions, Departments, and Cables, oh my!

Pretty much all our work with the National Security Archive will be done remotely. The Southern Cone focused archives that we will be working with are digitized, so we’ll be able to work from the comfort of our own laptops wherever we are in the world. This is important for me, as I’ll be doing […]

Research Preparation

My research this semester has to do with the last Argentine military dictatorship, from 1976 -1983. Our research team will be working with the National Security Archive to go through declassified documents from U.S government agencies. We’ll be looking for information that can help human rights groups and serve as evidence for justice trials in […]

“Time to Support Argentina’s Videla”: Changes in US Department of State Policy

This summer, I will research the relationship between Argentine President Jorge Rafael Videla and the US Carter administration. The focus will be during the last Argentine military dictatorship, from 1976-1978. Research clarifying this relationship is important because much of the history of this time period has not yet been written. After the fall of the […]