The Mystery of Naan (Update #8)


Yesterday’s bake was a quasi-experiment. It was combination of scientific method and curiosity that yielded tasty results. I whipped up 30 naan breads and filled four of my five trials with a different vegetable combination. The control trial had no filling. Now, reading this you might be thinking, “Jonny, why did you spend four hours yesterday […]

The Effect of Kneading Time on Irish Soda Bread Structure (Update #7)

Fun with knives and rulers!

Yesterday’s bake was over in a flash! After spending entire days on the 6 classic yeasted breads that I baked before this 7th experiment, I was shocked to be pretty much done with my Irish Soda Breads after just two and a half hours. The reason for this time reduction was not due to any sort […]

The Effect of Using Different Types of Potatoes on Irish Freckle Bread Quality (Update #6)


Look, I’m going to level with you. This experiment did not yield the quantitative data typical of a food science project. Instead, my main goal during this bake was to see if using different varieties of potatoes in a classic yeasted loaf would change any/all of the qualitative aspects of the bread itself. I used russet […]