Blog Post 4 GRBcelL BioPrinter


This week was a busy week mostly comprised of odd jobs that needed to be done for the printer. The first few days were mostly spent on making a metal head for the syringe holder and making groves ridges such that the plastic’s rails rigidly fit into the metal plate. Most of this time was […]

Blog Post 3 GRBcelL BioPrinter


This week was a crazy week, we namely worked on rapid prototyping and problem solving. While this week was bound to be chalked full of issues, and it was, we also developed some great designs and had a blast working as a team to solve difficult problems on machining and efficiency. The problem we had […]

Blog Post 2 GRBcelL BioPrinter


By the start of the second week, the gantry pieces of the bioprinter had arrived. A C-beam machine was ordered from Open Builds Store. The full week was spent constructing what would be the base of the machine: the gantry, with all the wiring and software required to operate the machine. While the week blurred […]