Blog Post 7 GRBcelL BioPrinter


This week the bioprinter was finalized, and a lot of cables and wires were reorganized and re-soldered. First, I ran a test of the X, Y, and Z axis using a temporary Arduino circuit board to ensure that each component’s mechanical aspects were fully operational. Next, I did the same mechanical analysis with the plunge […]

Blog Post 6 GRBcelL BioPrinter


This week we finalized the mechanical parts. From the plates shown on last week, a final aluminum stand was built to hold the now heavy aluminum head which was attached using t-nuts and aluminum triangular stops. I was retrained to use the drill press, and, using a menagerie of drill bits, I spent a good […]

Blog Post 5 GRBcelL BioPrinter

This week was spent prototyping and constructing the pump holder for the Bioprinter while drafting more permanent parts out of metal. The Tormach machine and a bandsaw cut aluminum plates into rough parts, and, while familiarizing ourselves with these tools, the group worked on finding a way to rig the prototyped head to the larger […]