The last word

Findings While I wish to avoid oversimplifying my research conclusions, I would like to briefly discuss some overarching themes in my analysis. I found a consensus in Cuje that education is important for many reasons, most centrally as a means of developing the community. I also found that the everyday realities in Cuje, particularly the […]

Analysis and incendios

I write this blog post in the sticky heat of December in Iguazu, Argentina. Blogging is the last piece of my Monroe left, and it feels like both a pleasure and a shame to finish. This past August a housefire in my host family`s home in Argentina somewhat dramatically left  me without my computer and […]


I’m transcribing my in-country interviews, and I’m thinking about the process of gathering ethnographic data. My data in Nicaragua relied heavily on the interview responses of community members. It’s been an undertaking within the transcribing process to interpret not just what interview respondents said, but also what they meant. In some ways, I expected this […]