Final Update: The Finished Paper

I finished my final paper about a week ago, and am now waiting to hear back from my adviser on it. It ended up being 44, double-spaced pages long–a bit longer than I intended. Still, I could see myself writing even more on it. With a year to research I could easily write a 100-page […]

Update III: The Writing Process

I have been writing my final essay for a little over a week now (NOTE: this post was written a week ago but not posted until now). This is the first writing project of this length that I have ever done—I am estimating a first draft of around 30-35 pages, single spaced. I have learned […]

Update II: “Gun Guys” and Michael Bellesiles

Michael Bellesiles wrote an incredibly controversial book. Arming America: Origins of a National Gun Culture shrugged off the familiar story of the American colonist with his trusty rifle over his shoulder. Instead, Bellesiles argued that until the Civil War most Americans were unfamiliar with firearms, and a gun culture developed only because of repeated efforts […]