All Conclusive

With it being the morning of the completion of my Monroe summer, I would like to reflect on the work I’ve done.  In using books on the topic in combination with actual feedback from market participants has allowed me to make better predictions about what will happen in the markets in the next few years. […]

Crossing the Finish Line

Coming into this summer I knew I had my work cut out for me, however now I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed putting in the hard work and effort into such a paper, especially about such an interesting topic.  I’ve given an abstract description of the topic of my paper, but I will include the […]

Recent News Pertaining to Europe!

Hope everyone is enjoying coming back to school.  I just wanted to let everyone know about an article that I had just read about a new framework set for sovereign debts.  Basically what it was saying was that global debt experts will release a new framework that could transform the relationship between critically indebted nations […]