Final Summary

As I wrap up with my data analysis, it doesn’t seem like our data was very conclusive. Running correlations revealed a weak positive relationship between internal attribution and devaluation in both India and the US. We also found a similar relationship between relational mobility and devaluation. These findings could suggest that internal attribution style and […]

Data Analysis

Our data collection period has come to an end and now it’s time for some data analysis! I met with my advisor yesterday and she walked me the extensive excel sheet. Each response to our survey was quantified on a scale 1-7 and some items were reversed to avoid biases. She showed me how to […]

Things are happening!!!

After about 2 weeks of restless waiting, our renewed protocol was finally approved, which means the data collection of the study is finally starting!! As I was writing a brief summary of the purpose of our study, I had to go back to do some more research in regards to attribution styles in both American […]