Final Update

Overall, I feel that my summer research project went well. There were definite hurdles at the beginning of the process that caused me to reevaluate the direction of my investigation, but these challenges gave me better insight to the difficulties of conducting research. For my final paper, I conducted an analysis of three films: Women […]

Update: La herida (2013)

It’s another update on a film of note, called La herida (Translation: The Wound). This was a movie I had to watch a few times and do more research on because as I was watching it, the protagonist, Ana, seemed to have depression. However, when looking up the synopsis and interviews with the director, Fernando Franco, […]

Update: Film Viewing Progress

Although it has still been a challenge to find Spanish films instead of Latin American ones, I have watched 2 films of note: Campeones (2018) and Biutiful (2010). Campeones happens to be playing in theaters in Spain, so I went to see it. However, I think that only Biutiful will be useful for my project because Campeones […]