Field Season Begins

Field season began this summer in mid June. While my specific task was to collect shrimp samples, I worked under the supervision of a bigger group. The large scale project of the summer was led by several VIMS faculty and Dr. Chambers who were awarded a grant to study living shorelines and natural marshes in […]

Introduction to the Keck Lab

My summer research was centered in the Keck Lab and my first day was May 29th. My official project involved collecting Palaemonetes Pugio (grass shrimp) from various sites in Norfolk and Gloucester on the York, Lafayette, and Elizabeth Rivers. I would bring those samples back to the lab where I would compile data. However the […]

Abstract: Shrimp Populations in Chesapeake Bay Shorelines

This summer, I will study shrimp populations living in different habitats of the Chesapeake Bay. The research team I will be part of will specifically study living versus nonliving shorelines, and I will be responsible for analyzing the shrimp in those two settings. Broadly, I hope to answer how habitats in the Bay change based […]