Soap Operas & Reconciliation

“Musekeweya” means “New Dawn,” but in Rwanda it means a lot more than just those two simple words. Begun in 2003, Musekeweya stands as a symbol of new birth, of regrowth, of healing, of a way for a nation still reeling and still suspicious and still literally littered with the skeletons of the past to […]

How to Research in Two Languages

The large majority of my research thus far has been reading — treatises on how the political situation in Rwanda led to the genocide, theories on how it could have been avoided, analytic dissections of how a political party was able to convince thousands of people to brutally murder thousands of others who had been […]

(Abstract) “First Radio, Then Shoes”: The Role of Radio in Post-Conflict Africa

If you’ve seen the movie┬áHotel Rwanda, maybe you’ll remember the opening credits: a melange of radio broadcasts that set the scene, including a man from Hutu Power Radio giving instructions and fanning the flames for attacks on Tutsis. It’s a striking opening. And it raises questions–without radio, how would things have been different? Radio is […]