Research Summary

This has been a wonderful and generative, if not frustrating at times, experience. In this summary I am going to go over my results and discuss possible directions for future research. As previously discussed, I was able to produce five main themes from three interviews. These themes are first OB/GYN experiences, subject of medicalization, adherence to […]

Finalizing Research (Update 7)

This is my last update and will most likely be pretty similar to my final summary. I would like to take this opportunity to preliminarily discuss my findings. My final summary will likely include more specifics, as well as a brief discussion about steps for future research and my overall experience. Unable to produce a […]

Drafting Research Paper (Update 6)

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 6.44.28 PM

At this point in the semester, I am almost done with my research. I have finished the first draft of my research paper. Notably, I met with my advisor and she had some really good suggestions for me. First of all, considering some of the delays I faced and the nature of qualitative research there is […]