Greek Orthodox Church Observation

Last weekend I visited the local Greek Orthodox church, St. Demetrios, and attended a divine liturgy. I was definitely nervous to go into a situation I didn’t know everything about, but through various readings and other knowledge I felt able to enter the church without feeling too much like an outsider. My primary reason for […]

Research Questions for Moving Forward

Since my last post, I have continued to read about various exhibitions and theories on the display of religious objects in museums as well as the philosophy behind those objects in their respective traditions. Some of the key themes I have been grappling with are: Agency–where does agency in inanimate objects come from? Religious communities […]

Preliminary Research and Interviews

For the past few weeks, I have started gathering the sources on my reading lists, requesting more ILLs than I ever thought possible, and preparing to start observations in the coming weeks. Lots of materials have been written on the display of religion in the secular (or non secular world), so I have a lot […]