Assembley of The Bioprinter: Week 7

This week I spent a long portion of time fixing the gantry system. Once the head was  mounted I realized there was a tilt to the machine. While the tilt on the gantry was minor and hardly noticeable alone when other components are added the angles accumulated to making the head tilt rather significantly. I […]

Assembley of The Bioprinter: Week 6

This week I worked to assemble the machine head. I used the beams that I cut last week and screwed them together with the beams in the planned design. I then assisted Jonathan in drilling holes in the aluminum plate components. We used the drill press to cut holes in the aluminum plates. It took […]

Assembley of The Bioprinter: Week 5

This week we worked to replace the plastic components of the machine head with sturdier aluminum constructions. Jonathan worked to unpack and wire the tiny – G controller. The tiny – G controller is an instrument that can control four different stepper motors and is integral to moving the pump in the design. My job […]