A Matter of Taste?

There’s a line David Foster Wallace quotes from Tracy Austin’s insipid autobiography: “Tennis took me like a magic carpet to all kinds of places and all kinds of people.” He quotes it to note how the ghostwriter seems to have contributed very little to the writing quality. But, in reflecting on the Monroe project to […]


For the last week or so, I’ve been at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This is the first film festival I’ve ever been to, and also my first time in the city of Toronto. It’s been a treat both because the films have been largely exceptional, and my Airbnb landlord is a Canadian in […]

The Virtue of a Trash movie

There’s a famous essay by Pauline Kael about trash movies and art. One line was quite refreshing to hear from an academic: Perhaps the single most intense pleasure of moviegoing is this non-aesthetic one of escaping from the       responsibilities of having the proper responses required of us in our official (school) culture. […]