It’s only science if you write it down

Does that also apply to humanities? Regardless, I have to write a paper, which I always think will be easy, until I’m doing it, and I find that surprisingly, good papers are HARD. This happens to me frequently, because usually (especially in my college career) I’m writing to an audience that has little familiarity with […]

Reading the Words

One of the things that I have noticed this summer is how organization can make or break a project. That organization, in many cases, depends on certain types of software, which means that choosing the right software for your research makes a huge difference in how you spend your time. All this is to say […]

Laying the Foundations

I didn’t really introduce myself in the abstract, so hello! My name’s Aly, and I’m a classics and linguistics major. My project this summer is centered around the transitional period between the linguistic dominance of Etruscan and Latin in the region of Italy called Etruria. The Etruscans were the other major ethnic group in Italy […]