Mathematics of Symmetry and Art: Summary

I cannot believe that this research project is almost over, ┬áit seemed so daunting in the beginning. I think that it has been a really great experience for me and that I have grown as a mathematician and as an artist. When I first approached the project I only had a vague idea that I […]

Mathematics of Symmetry and Art: Week 7

This past week was spent working on the presentation for my Monroe project. As well as making a power point presentation, this is the week where I tied my art piece to the math that I learned over the first four weeks of the project. My main concern when making the presentation was that the […]

Mathematics of Symmetry and Art: Week 6

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 3.30.31 PM

This week represented the culmination of my project. I finally set up my still life and went to work. Setting up a still life for a project is never easy and I think I made it even harder for myself by trying to make it fit a certain grid. I wanted to explore how symmetrical […]