Monroe Blog 4: And so it ends

Final blog time!   Conducting research this summer has been a difficult and endlessly rewarding process. I have learned more than I can possibly articulate in a single blog post on an academic level. Personally, I found more rewarding the learning I did on the way that I learn, the way that I tackle problems, […]

Monroe Blog 3: IS – a Case Study

Sometimes, I become convinced that the world is a truly scary place. The fighting throughout Ukraine and the political maneuvering of Putin shocked and frightened me. The craters appearing in Siberia – which many suggest could be a global warming time bomb we are growing ever-closer to detonating – worried me.   But the media […]

Monroe Blog 2: Some Counterintuitive Findings

Right around the time that I was embarking on my first steps in this project, I borrowed a copy of Freakonomics from Professor Mike Tierney.   I devoured the book, reading it over the course of a few hours one free Saturday afternoon. Although the material was light – I certainly recommend it for anyone, […]