Findings | Illegal Abortion in Argentina

Returning to the question I proposed at the outset of this research –how much power does the Catholic Church really have in regards to abortion and what other factors are at play– I can now see the beginnings of an answer that occurs in two parts. 1) Yes, the Catholic Church does have a huge […]

Update 3 | Illegal Abortion in Argentina

Yesterday marked the beginning of the end for my research project. I have one week left to synthesize my findings and write my research paper. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at this point about the sheer amount of information I have collected through my research this summer and the daunting task of putting it all […]

Update 2 | Illegal Abortion in Argentina

The past two weeks I have been diving deeper into specific issues pertaining to illegal abortion in Argentina, specifically the intersections of religion and abortion and same-sex marriage and abortion. These topics were extremely interesting for me because they were what sparked my interest in the issue of illegal abortion in Argentina. As I stated […]